It has been hot for a couple of weeks now. Who would believe it by the rains we received this spring but we could use a couple good showers around the County now. But, it looks like we are going to get a reprieve here in the next couple of weeks.
I received sixty four phone calls and seventeen consultations to the office. Our volunteer drivers have escorted nine veterans to the VA in Indianapolis and five veterans to the Danville VA in IL.
Tara Brown of the Darlington Congregational Church invited me to come speak at the VBS at Darlington Congregational Church as they were raising money for our veterans. They took up a donation every day for five days and all I had to do was bring a little message as to how we would use the money. So I told them about last year’s project. That we checked with all of the nursing homes in Montgomery County to find out how many veterans they had staying with each of them. It turned out that we had forty two veterans that we distributed Christmas gifts last year to. The nursing homes we took the gifts to were Wellbrooke, Whitlock Place, Ben Hur, Hickory Creek, Bickford Place, Lane place, and Williamsburg. We will now take them to every place except Williamsburg as they have closed. Some of the things that we took to them were toothbrushes, toothpaste, handkerchiefs, socks, Word find (large Print) books and a stuffed bear which was a hit. Now for the finale the kids at VBS raised $500.00 for the Veterans. It was awesome. They had around 50 youngsters in the program and it was very well done. It lasted about an hour, with the church being packed. It was Awesome! A big Thank You to all who contributed!
I have received word that I have two new drivers that will be coming on in the next month or so and that is great news.
Now for a correction –Veterans Care Bridge
I want to take a minute to correct my statements about Veterans Care Bridge and its owner Chris Arkenau that were in my April 10, 2019, column in the Journal Review.
Before I wrote the column, I did not take the time to learn about Veterans Care Bridge. I have now learned that Mr. Arkenau created Veterans Care Bridge in 2012 to address a need that he saw in financially needy Veterans who had a hard time taking care of themselves and wanted to stay at home instead of moving to a nursing home. Mr. Arkenau realized that it takes a long time for the VA to review applications for benefits and that home care providers was to be paid up front or every week. Home care providers usually don’t like to accept VA clients prior to VA benefits approval and usually will not accept payment in arrears. Veterans Care Bridge solves this problem by arranging for responsible and qualified home care providers to provide care to needy Veterans while their application for benefits is being processed by the VA. Veterans Care Bridge actually fronts the money to the home care provider so the Veteran doesn’t have to worry about payment. The Veteran and Veterans Care Bridge enter an agreement that allows Veterans Care Bridge to withdraw the benefit funds from the Veteran’s bank account to pay for the home care services after the Veteran is approved for the benefit. Veterans Care Bridge handles the arrangements with the home care provider and helps the Veteran with any issues regarding the care.
Mr. Arkenau and Veterans Care Bridge work closely with VA Accredited Attorneys to ensure that Veterans are able to apply for the benefits they need.
If you would like to learn more about Veterans Care Bridge, I encourage you to contact them at 317.643.4088.
If you would have any other questions about anything in my article this month please call me at 765-361-4133.

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