The city of Crawfordsville recently unveiled another way to improve transportation and mobility around the downtown area. Specifically, the city has painted bike sharrows on a number of streets. These sharrows, or designated bike lanes, are marked by a white cyclist and arrows on one side of the street.
This change is not one inspired by the city alone, Mayor Todd Barton explains. “The main thing people need to remember is that this was already state law. I had people calling my office yesterday, saying, ‘Don’t let bikes on the roads,’ but it’s already state law. People need to understand that,” he said.
The bike sharrows in their current design are not all-encompassing.
“It’s a little section of downtown, Pike and Walnut, over to Main Street, then down to Country Club Road and up to the Sugar Creek Trail,” Barton explained. “This was designed to connect downtown with the Sugar Creek Trail.”
Crawfordsville residents, bikers and motorists alike, will inevitably have questions. For those who called the mayor’s office, the concern may be having bikers on roads where cars are much larger and faster. Bikers, on the other hand, may want more sharrows, increasing their access to city roads.
These concerns will not go unaddressed.
“I strongly suggest anyone with concerns or questions attend the bike pedestrian meeting,” Barton said.
That meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 5 p.m. in City Hall.