The debate over windfarms is being brought up again with conversation on both sides of the issue. This alternative energy source has many people who strongly believe in property rights speaking out.
“It is an alternative energy source, but there isn’t much more I know on the matter” said Montgomery County Commissioner Jim Fulwider.
Back in 2009 Montgomery County Commissioners signed a windfarm ordinance. This ordinance required that the companies that build these windfarms must have a plan to decommission them as well as a building plan.
According to the Akuo website, here in Montgomery County, 4,500 acres have been secured for a 40 year agreement with 35 landowners as part of Akuo Energy who has built two previous windfarms in the United States.
Trisha Southwood of Linden has been opposed to the idea ever since its inception back when the plan was developed in 2008. “It’s too close to our homes and schools. We are just trying to make ourselves as safe as we can. I am amazed at the county’s description of the rural community I treasure, and I fear the power of the almighty dollar is what’s driving this skewed view. If our townships are in fact so run down, it does not make sense to reduce property values by adding a highly-contested factor like a windfarm. The whole county needs to pay attention now. Don’t let the dot get put on you.”
“There is definitely some economic development opportunities with this” said County Commissioner John Frey. “But the cost of these windmills is too expensive for where they are being placed. These windmills will be going up in the Northwest, Northeast part of the county and there aren’t any businesses out there that would benefit. If they were going up along the interstate where businesses are being located, then I would be totally on board. To my knowledge, nothing has been presented to the county commissioners on this matter.”
“I personally don’t like them,” said county councilman Terry Hockersmith. “However farmers and land owners are entitled to their own opinion. “The commissioners do have ordinances that the windmill companies will have to sign and I certainly hope the commissioners act upon that.”
“There is so much research that has to go into these kind of issues” said county councilman Gary Booth. “There is so much to say and I just don’t know enough about them to speak on the matter. I am a strong believer in property rights though.”
“This will definitely produce some interesting conversations” said Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton. “We understand the benefits of solar energy but are still trying to understand the wind side of things.”