The Paper photo by John MinorDustin Zahn works every day with his mom, Rita, at Zahn's Floor Coverings.
The Paper photo by John Minor

Dustin Zahn works every day with his mom, Rita, at Zahn's Floor Coverings.
Zahn's Floor Covering has always been a family run business. But in October 2012, when Dustin Zahn came to work full-time it came even more so of a family affair.

And in the spirit of Mother's Day, every day has Dustin paired with his mother Rita as well with his father Bob helping run the family business.

Zahn's started retail in 1988 with Bob and Rita Zahn along with Bob's father Norm started the business. Dustin always helped out as a child, but at the request of his father Dustin came and joined in full force in the business.

And in that time Dustin has learned from Rita on how to handle customers while Dustin helps out with the computer work involved with the business.

And standing beside me each other as business partners has also helped them grow in their relationship as mother and son.

"We are more involved in each other's lives," said Dustin Zahn said. "We talk to each other about everything. My mom means the world to me and I am glad to work with her."

"I love being able to see him every single day," Rita Zahn said. "And now that I see him every single day I can share more about what is going on with him. It's quite awesome and I always did talk to him every day but it is just different working together. It is nice to have a backup that I know I can count on."