Good local government is directly dependent on active participation by members of the community. Our community is no different, and we rely heavily on those who are willing to serve for the greater good. In fact, local government is primarily made up of citizens who volunteer their time and abilities to make the community a better place for all. When one reads about the many boards and commissions involved in the local government process, it is easy to forget that those decision-making bodies are comprised of local citizens who are willing to give of their time and talent so that a fair, representative process is in place.
In fact, in Crawfordsville citizen volunteers comprise the:
Plan Commission
Board of Zoning Appeals
Historic Preservation Commission
Human Rights Commission
Redevelopment Authority
Redevelopment Commission
Housing Authority
Aviation Board
Police Commission
Fire Commission
Alcoholic Beverage Commission
Park Board
Utility Service Board
Visitors’ Commission
and many more.
This is in addition to the many boards of nonprofit organizations working to move our community forward.
Crawfordsville has long been a community with strong civic involvement. Local communities around the country are increasingly struggling to find citizen volunteers willing to serve. This trend is filled with irony. Increasing numbers of people take advantage of social media platforms to express their opinions on the decisions that must be made while the number of citizens willing to step forward and actually participate in the process is decreasing.
There have ample opportunity for those who wish to get involved in the process by serving on various boards and commissions. Those doing so find it beneficial in many ways and it is an excellent way for someone considering running for elected office to explore whether, or not, it is something they would find rewarding.
Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton is currently preparing to fill vacancies on several boards and commissions and would welcome the chance to discuss these opportunities with anyone who is interested in serving. Barton can be reached at (765) 364-5160 or via email at