In the saga of the Montgomery County zoning ordinance, one chapter has ended and a new one has begun.
On Wednesday the Plan Commission met again to discuss the zoning ordinance, after County Commissioners board president Jim Fulwider opted to not consider the ordinance until the Plan Commission could address local citizens’ concerns.
After an evening of passionate debate and discussion, the Plan Commission approved the ordinance and passed it along to the county commissioners for consideration.
One of the main points of concern was the Roaming Bison Wind Project and the impact of a zoning ordinance on wind turbines.
“About 75 to 80 people attended and I did applaud that group that was there, they were passionate, County Commissioner John Frey said. “About half wore red shirts, and were against [wind] and about half wore blue and were in support of wind.”
Frey also explained why it was important to have a public discussion about this, “A majority of the people in the community are in favor of green energy, just not wind energy, not right now. If you want to say green energy is the future, Montgomery County is doing its part. We have our seventh solar farm coming in and those solar farms account for 40 percent of energy usage in the community.”
The key point, Frey said, was that this wasn’t a “no” to wind. “There’s a pathway for wind energy to come into our community . . . maybe if our community has a change of heart in two years, three, five years, then that’s a discussion for the future. his company coming in, it’s not about tax revenue or anything, it’s about assimilating into our community, and right now our community isn’t ready for that.”
The next county commissioners’ meeting is scheduled for June 10, at 8 a.m. in room 103 of the Montgomery County Courthouse.