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Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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  • Tuesday, July 16, 2019 4:00 AM
    Dear Editor,
    Thank you to all who helped make our 2019 Sugar Creek Township Neighborhood Gathering a success. We would like to thank all who donated to this event including Darlington Vet Clinic, Halderman Farm Services, HHSB Bank, Stookey’s Restaurant, Visible Changes Hair Salon, , and Woody Family Farms. We would also like to thank the Darlington Conservation Club for the use of the facility, Sarah Storms for creating the flier, John “Butch” Dale for gathering up and loaning old pictures from the Darlington Library, The Journal Review and The Paper of Montgomery Co for printing the announcement of our event, and the local radio station for promoting it. We appreciate everyone who attended, and anyone who helped in any way. 
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  • Wednesday, July 10, 2019 1:31 AM
    Dear Editor,
    We want to thank Terry & Pam for there hospitality and opening their beautiful home for our family. Also want to thank Debbie & jack and Cindy & Beth for making our 60th anniversary party special. It was a beautiful day. Would like to thank the Country Club for the great lunch. Want to thank everyone that sent cards, call or gave a gift, it was greatly appreciated.
    We treasure our family and everyone’s friendship. You are angels who lift us up. 
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  • Wednesday, July 10, 2019 1:31 AM
    Dear Editor,
    I would like to give a special "thank you" to those that made the Linden Carnegie Public Library Summer Reading Program a very successful event this year! 
    Thank you to to Tipmont REMC, AppleBees, The Mitchell Agency, McDonalds North, Blankenship Auto Care, Linden Pizza Corner, Kroger Company, Denhart's Feed & Mercantile, Nucor Steel, Dollar General Corporation, HHSB, Penguin Random House, Valero, Hedricks Farms, Kiwanis Club of Crawfordsville and Barry & Jerrie Bruce. 
    With your support we were able to purchase many craft items, prizes and snacks for the participants! I want to thank Jolinda Brunton, Danny Wright and Rich Watkins for the special programs they presented to the children.
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  • Saturday, July 6, 2019 11:02 AM
    Dear editor,
    Diseases like sickle cell anemia require rare blood traits that demand diversity within our blood supply. Increasing African-American donations is vital because blood types O and B, the blood types of about 70 percent of African-Americans, are also the blood types most in demand.
    African-American blood donors are also more likely to be a match for most people living with sickle cell disease, which makes them the perfect donors to help sickle cell patients in need of routine or emergency blood transfusions. African-American blood donations are crucial to ensure the closest blood matching for successful blood transfusion outcomes.
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  • Thursday, July 4, 2019 12:34 AM
    Dear Editor,
    The last four decades have brought so many wonderful people into our lives and we cannot adequately express how overwhelming it was to have our retirement recognized by our community Saturday evening, June 29th. To be able to have the opportunity to share such precious memories with the people who have touched our lives throughout the years was far beyond awesome.
    Max, Paul and I want to thank the Waveland Strong people for doing again what makes Waveland Strong, supporting the community and bonding friendships. You are all a blessing to each of us.
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  • Tuesday, July 2, 2019 11:56 PM
    Dear Editor,
    Would any in city/county government & declared candidates, be for decriminalizing any substances, or activities? If so, what specifically? (Decriminalization and legalization differ, with legalization being outside of local power, but decriminalizing being within those powers, where local police are directed to put zero emphasis and zero tax dollars on fighting the activity or substance in question.) 
    Adam Hutchison,
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  • Tuesday, June 25, 2019 2:45 AM
    Dear Editor,
    We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all of the companies and their drivers who participated in our seventh Touch A Truck event. It was a wonderful evening full of smiles and wonder!
    Thank you to Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power, The Crawfordsville Street Department, The Crawfordsville Fire Department, Froedge’s Towing, STAR Ambulance, The State Highway Department, Crawfordsville School Cooperation, Walden Recycling, Smith Family Trucking, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department, Montgomery County Highway Department, Burkhart Funeral Home, Sheepdog Coffee Company, Fat Bottom Donuts and the Kona Ice truck! 
    A special thank you to the drivers, who donated their time, answered a million questions and let the kids honk that horn just one more time. This free event would not be possible without all them. Thank you to all of the families who came out to enjoy the trucks. We are looking forward to next year!
    Janella Nunan and Children’s Department Staff 
    Crawfordsville District Public Library
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  • Wednesday, June 12, 2019 8:33 AM
    Dear Editor,
    A few years ago, Ben Carson was asked if he were able to travel back in time, if would he would abort baby Hitler. Jeb Bush was asked a similar question. Carson just said no and that he could not abort anyone. Carson probably takes oaths seriously, and probably does not have much time for impossible hypothetical questions. Or, he is just a bit more reserved with those and makes better decisions in the impossible hypothetical realm. Jeb Bush's answer was more interesting, and a bit startling. Bush was asked the similar question, as to if he would have killed "baby" (not abort, but kill, justifiably kill, murder, whatever) Hitler and Bush answered in the affirmative. 
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  • Monday, June 10, 2019 4:00 AM
    Dear Editor,
    Rushing something never works out in the end. I am a mechanic and I hate to be rushed to complete something. I have a system to how I do things. And when I feel rushed, it may cause me to miss a step. And in my line of work, 1 missed step can be catastrophic. So, I like to make sure my work is done properly.
    Why do I mention this? Well, for the last couple months, we have been pleading with the planning commission and county commissioners to slow down and do this zoning ordinance right. Well, there has been a recent development that shows they are rushing things. This zoning ordinance is supposed to mirror and reflect the comprehensive plan. There are 9 things the comp plan outlines that the county does NOT want for development. But this zoning ordinance only addresses one of those 9 things. Wind energy.
    Well, there has been a development in the last couple days that relates to the comp plan and zoning ordinance. There has been an application filed for a hog farm in the Linden area. And of course the community is opposed to it. What does this have to do with zoning? Well, CAFO’s (confined animal feeding operations) are one of those 9 things that are in the comp plan that the county opposes for development. But this zoning ordinance the commissioners are about to pass, does nothing to address this issue.
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  • Wednesday, June 5, 2019 11:38 PM
    Some may ask what IWT can do for the future of Montgomery County? For that I will go north to Benton County Indiana.
    Benton County, with a sparse population of only 8700 people with only 21 inhabitants per square mile has a great number of Industrial wind turbines, 
    I have been through there frequently before the industrial wind turbines came and after. I have seen the shadow flicker on the land and have heard the sound from the turbines that you can also feel in your body as some sort of odd percussion. I have read the stories of private wells ruined. It’s devastating stuff.
    Many of the residents there did not want IWTs there either. However by the time many of the residents found out they were planned; it was too late to do much about it.
    After all this, little has changed in Benton county, population continues to decline, there is still very little industry, not many restaurants or even gas stations. I have not seen the great renaissance promised to Benton county residents, just a bleak landscape. People continue to leave Benton County, no one is flocking there.
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  • Wednesday, June 5, 2019 2:07 PM
    Dear Editor,
    May 29th the planning committee met and it was reported the zoning proposed plan got the nod by a 5-3 vote. It’s now to be considered by the commissioners.
    If all three commissioners should decide to go ahead with the plan, the fate of the unincorporated of Montgomery County will be decided by eight people. Unbelievable!
    The letter printed her was sent to each committee member and read aloud at the committee meeting. Also was sent to the commissioners. Those voting for the plan were Dave Vice, Aaron Morgan, Steve Loy, Ashley Holmes and Commissioner John Frey.
    I apologize for not writing sooner or appearing at one of your meetings. I’ll get right to the point.
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  • Tuesday, June 4, 2019 4:00 AM
    Dear Editor,
    The Plan Commission voted to approve the zoning ordinance on May 29th, which will be forwarded to the commissioners.
    I am opposed to industrial wind turbines. I appreciate the wording in the proposed zoning ordinance regarding setback distances from industrial wind turbines. These setbacks are 2,640 feet from non-participating property owners’ property lines, and 1 mile from schools and municipalities. (These setbacks could be much greater to ensure health and safety.) These setback distances should NEVER be compromised. There should be no exceptions to these setbacks.
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  • Tuesday, May 28, 2019 12:48 AM
    Sixteen years ago, we cheered on the Colts at the RCA Dome, Mike Pence was a freshman congressman and the population of Indianapolis had just tipped 800,000. Life has changed a lot for Hoosiers since 2003. One thing that hasn’t? Our outdated building code.

    Indiana is the only state the in country that still relies on the 2003 International Residential Code – a woefully outdated code that has been updated five times since then with increased protections for public safety. It should be noted that IRC requirements are considered a minimum level of building safety, and many states and municipalities use it as the starting point for their building code requirements.
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  • Monday, May 13, 2019 1:53 AM
    The recent death of both Dick Lugar and Birch Bayh should remind us of the quality of the public officials that have come from Indiana. Lugar and Bayh defined themselves as public servants, not politicians. Bayh is responsible for getting passed into law by Congress two Amendments to the Constitution, including the right to vote for 18 year olds, a feat not before performed by a single individual prior to the founding of the USA. Lugar was a Rhodes scholar, like Mayor Pete from South Bend, Rachel Maddow and Bill Clinton. Dick Lugar was always the smartest guy in the room. Senator Lugar was responsible for getting rid of tons of nuclear warheads following post Soviet dismantling that is widely recognized as a model for de-escalation of threats. I am sad that Indiana has lost some of its old guard but continue to be hopeful by the likes of Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and our local progressive Mayor, Todd Barton. I am also pleased to see the Clerk-Treasurer, Terri Gadd won her primary challenge.
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  • Monday, May 6, 2019 9:08 PM
    2018-19 5th Six Weeks
    Kindergarten – Jeffrey Hopkins and Ryley Owens.
    First Grade – Nickolai Corp, Hallie Rhoads and Ryken Skelton.
    Second Grade – Willow Abney, Skylee Heidrick and Parker McCaffry. 
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