Dear Editor,

Each month a group of caring Veterans meet at the American Legion and talk about ways the organization can continue to support the community. They have some wonderful projects they quietly go about performing.

I have had the pleasesure of meeting with this group each quarter. They are interested in hearing what the Red Cross has going on and how they can assist.

It is wonderful to have the opportunity to talk with our local Veterans to ensure we are doing our part in the way they are needed .I was able to share with them we are seeing an increase in the number of Veterans utilizing the van program. We have also seen an increase in the number of Military Emergency calls we assist with.

The Red Cross would like to thank Commander Rodney Strong, his team, and the members for all they are doing on behalf of the community and the support they offer the Red Cross.

May 18th is Armed Forces Day so let's all thank the ones who are, or have worn the unform on our behalf, as the way I see it, a Military person never stops serving. They might be home after serving our country , but you can bet they are still serving in some way . It's a part of who they are.

So today we Salute each and every one of you who so bravely protects us and our families and gives us the wonderful freedom we are so blessed with.

Denise Maxwell

American Red Cross of Montgomery County