Dear Editor,
I ride my bicycle regularly on? Montgomery County roads and most people are very courteous when approaching and passing. Recently I’ve had a couple of incidents on Ladoga Road and 600 South where drivers come within a car length and honk their horn when nothing is coming in front of us so they can easily pass on the left. If I see oncoming traffic and I know a vehicle is behind me, then I move in front or behind my family member so we are riding single file. I do this because of safety and to be courteous, but I don’t have to do this as each bicycle is supposed to have the same rights of a car, right up to the centerline of the road.
The Drivers Manual Chapter 5 (pages 83-84) can be found on this webpage, profile=bmv&query=bicycles&collection=agencies1[] & [] The first website is our INDIANA BMV & the second is from our Indiana State Police.
Both documents state:
Drivers must routinely share the roadway with bicyclists. On most roadways, bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as other roadway users. Drivers should observe the following guidelines when sharing the roadway with bicyclists: Drivers may pass a bicyclist when there is a safe amount of room beside the bicyclist (minimum three feet) and when there is no danger from oncoming traffic.
Our family would appreciate it if a few unfriendly folks would please try to treat bicycles just like it is another vehicle. If they would just think about how they would like to be treated if the roles were switched, then I don’t believe they would behave in this manner. I also don’t believe that they would want to injure someone or possibly kill them for less than 30 seconds wait.
Greg Mishler