Dear Editor,

The Paper of Montgomery County ran an interesting article on Tuesday concerning the campaign contributions that were garnered by the recent candidates for County Commissioner, Jim Fulwider and John Pickerill. Reviewing the details of the contributions demonstrated some interesting facts. Fulwider had contributions from at least 37 individual donors (the number would be higher if you count husbands and wife as 2 rather than 1). Fulwider also had contributions from 6 corporations and 3 Political Action Committees (PACs) including the Nucor PAC of Indiana. Total reported contributions were $11,999. The largest single donation was from the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board Of Realtors (MIBOR) PAC ($2500).

Pickerill had donations from two individuals, Terry Hockersmith and Don Mills. He had no corporate or PAC contributions. Hockersmith is currently a County Commissioner and a Member of the Tea Party. Mills ran in the Primary as a Tea Party Candidate for County Council. Hockersmith donated $1500 to Pickerill's campaign and Mills donated $300. Hockersmith's single donation represents over 50% of the $2,300 total raised by Pickerill.

These contribution totals demonstrate a wide base of support for Fulwider and a very narrow base of support for Pickerill. This is consistent with the Primary election results, wherein Fulwider won by an almost 10% margin.

Interestingly, even though Pickerill and the other Tea Party candidates, Don Mills and Mark Davidson often mentioned during the campaign that one of the main reasons that Nucor originally located in Montgomery County was because of the County's lack of zoning that Nucor made a sizable contribution to Fulwider who supports zoning. Nucor's contribution suggests that the claim that Nucor is against planning and zoning is misguided and lacks veracity, as most companies will not support candidates that go against their interests.


Michael P. Fons