Dear Editor,
Senator Phil Boots, I respectfully disagree with your current position on the Indiana Code 36-8-2-13 (IC 36-8-2-13). This code gives the towns and cities the authority to exercise extraterritorial powers for purposes of protecting “public health, safety and welfare”. I do not know if Senator Boots talked to both sides of this issue before taking a position. I regret that he is not respecting the health, safety and welfare of the public.
The Legislative Services Agency (LSA) has verified the validity of this ordinance.
With regard to the application of this ordinance to Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs), there are very significant risks to health, safety and welfare. Construction of IWTs and the ongoing vibrations can have a wide impact on the nearby aquifer, thus affecting the well water of the cities and towns, as well as the wells and water softeners of individual residents in these municipalities.
In some cases these municipalities can protect their children in nearby schools from severe negative impacts on health and safety coming from Industrial Wind Turbines, if these schools are located within the four-mile distance from the municipality corporate limits.
Additionally, the numerous negative impacts on health and safety which are a result of the sound, infrasound, vibrations, and shadow flicker, generated by these IWTs, can go out great distances. These health and safety dangers have far-reaching effects that go far beyond the 1500 foot setbacks for municipalities provided by the current county ordinance (Montgomery County Ordinance 2018-4, signed into law on July 9, 2018).
Additionally, if a town or city is surrounded by these IWTs, these installations could prevent any potential future growth of the town or city. Also, these IWTs could result in a large number of families moving away. This would affect the “welfare” of the towns as a result of fewer customers at the banks, barber shops, restaurants, and other businesses and events.
I sincerely hope that Senator Boots will change his position on this issue, and take the side which protects the health and safety of the citizens that he represents.
Thank you,
Bill Milam,
Montgomery County