Dear Editor:

John Pickerill brought up excellent points in his column on June 28 titled "Taxation is not the same as investment". He was right on. I wanted to commend him and make a few comments.

Our government is too big. The root of almost all of this country's problems can be attributed to taxation.

God said "give unto Caesar what is Caesar's" after looking at the image on the coin, but all of our currency is full of the deceased.

Hard working Americans need to keep their money. When this happens employment will rise because there is going to be more incentive to work. And more people will have more money to buy goods, so demand will pick up and the small businesses in the communities across Indiana and in Crawfordsville will reap the rewards of a government that lets the free market do its job. Small businesses will be able to hire more workers to keep up with demand.

With new tax policies (i.e. elimination of payroll taxes) we will save social security for the disabled and elderly and welcome immigrants as people that can help our economy.

The immigrants aren't taking top jobs, they're taking jobs nobody wants because it's better than their lives in Central and South America.

Every dollar that the government doesn't have to expand, the people have to spend. And a similar principle is true for every soldier that we keep in South Korea and Japan, because we're spending money these countries could be spending to protect themselves - and our military is related to taxation, of course.

I agree with John Pickerill that the voters should reject the claim that "Quality of life requires we invest on a government level to grow our community."

The government isn't good at a lot of stuff.

I have more confidence in the people and the free market!

Adam M. Hutchison