Dear Editor:

John Pickerill has made much of an issue of who exercises their First Amendment right to support candidates in his race against County Commissioner Jim Fulwider. As Jim's campaign Treasurer, I find it necessary to set the record straight.

First, based upon the most recent campaign filings, covering the period Jan. 1, 2014, to April 11, 2014, Jim raised $12,439. Of Jim's 60 contributions, 82 percent of the contributors are individuals, 10 percent are corporations or businesses and 5 percent are Political Action Committees.

Second, the vast majority of contributors - 82 percent - are from right here in Montgomery County. Even some of the contributors who don't live here are friends of Jim's who want to help him with re-election.

Third, Jim raised $12,439 during the reporting period. This is a lot of money for a county campaign, but Jim decided that you, the voters, deserve to know where he stands on the issues of this campaign. Getting out the message takes a lot of money. Jim thinks you have the right to know how he will lead the county and he has worked hard to raise money to give you that opportunity.

Fourth, both the number of contributors and the amount of money raised show the significant and wide-spread support Jim has from Republicans in this campaign. Jim has and will continue to tell you what he supports and what his vision is for Montgomery County. Jim doesn't think telling you what he is against is enough. Voters want leaders to find solutions to our problems and it appears that many citizens are willing to contribute their hard-earned money in order to make sure that you know Jim's vision.

Finally, it is curious that a "Liberty Candidate" and Tea Party leader would spend so much time, either directly or through his supporters, attacking people who exercise their First Amendment rights to contribute to the candidate of their choice. It seems that Mr. Pickerill would instead attack the federal and state laws that limit the rights of citizens to participate in our election process. Jim Fulwider encourages all citizens to participate in our democracy either through working for candidates, making contributions, voting and otherwise exercising your rights.

Aaron Morgan