Dear Editor:

The dynamic Monica Boyer has a different story to tell at the Montgomery County Tea Party Movement meeting Tuesday, July 22 at the Crawfordsville District Public Library, 205 S. Washington Street. Boyer is the author of "Not on My Watch", a personal journey of a mom who saw a need to step out of her comfort zone and make a difference in her community, her state and her nation. The book covers her fight for the heart and soul of her country and is a call to action!

Boyer saw her country falling apart at the seams and felt she had to do something about it. One day, while Boyer was out driving, she happened to take a glance back into her rear view mirror. She saw four little reasons to become involved sitting in her own back seat. The children God had given to her. She knew she had to do what she could to pass on an America as great as the one that was afforded to her.

Please join us at the July 22 meeting. It will give you hope and encouragement and challenge you to make difference for the sake of your children and grandchildren to whom we will all leave this great country.

Boyer is currently the president of "Kosciusko Silent NO More" and co-founder of "Hoosiers for a Conservative Senate". She has committed her life to fighting for conservative values in the local, state and national political spectrum. She and her husband, Brian, have four children and live in Warsaw, Indiana.

The Tea Party is a movement of students, parents and grandparents dedicated to the promotion of smaller government and the increased awareness of the actions of local, state and federal elected officials and the impact those actions have on each of us. Everyone is invited to attend the meetings. Visit the website at http:/// and our Facebook page: Montgomery County Indiana Tea Party.

The mission of the Montgomery County Tea Party is: To restore limited government, fiscal responsibility, and accountable representation through citizen activism and education, in order to preserve the blessings of liberty and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

Ann Harvey