Dear Editor:

We would like to show our appreciation to our local agriculture industry by honoring them with "A Salute to Local Agriculture" as our 2014 theme for the Darlington Fish Fry and Festival Parade. We hope to showcase farm implements, other agriculture related businesses, and farm families.

If you are a member of a farm family or ag business and would like to be in the parade please contact me at 794-4787 where you can leave a message 24/7. Please leave your name and number so I can contact you. You can use a tractor & wagon, gator, farm truck or some other vehicle from your business.

The parade will be Saturday, September 6, at 2:00 pm with line up at 1:30 pm at the former elevator on West Main Street in Darlington.

As always ALL VETERANS are always welcome in our parade!

Mary Lou Weliever

CoChair, Darlington Fish Fry and Festival