Dear Editor:

Flower beds were recently

planted in the three city

parking lots at Pike and

Green, Green and Main,

and the Post Office corner

in downtown Crawfordsville.

The story of a

remarkable partnership is as

lovely as the beds are.

Members of the Flower

Lovers Garden Club, the

same people who care for

the 21 downtown planters,

did the hard work. On a

hot day in late June, members

Anita Arnold, Sharon

Foster, Priscilla Zachary,

Paula Furr, Dorothy Fogel,

and Donna Walton transplanted

flowers from their

gardens as well as flowers

donated by Tim Light,

Light's Landscaping.

Their work was noticed

by Paul Barajas of the China

Inn who sent his servers

out with raspberry iced tea.

El Corcel owner, Marino

Acosta, pitched in as well

with water for the plants.

The roses that will

continue to provide color

in the perennial beds were

purchased by Main Street,

with the support of the City

of Crawfordsville and at

a generous discount from

Home Depot. Main Street

will also pay Light's Landscaping

to continue to water

and care for the beds.

Bringing the partnership

together was the Design

Committee of Crawfordville

Main Street, chaired

by Robyn ZahnThompson.

Main Street applauds all

who volunteered their time

and talents to add one more

reason to love our downtown.

Deanna Durrett