Dear Editor:

I have had the pleasure to serve with Jim Fulwider in county government during his time on the county council and the board of county commissioners. Jim has been a vital part of our work to lower taxes, provide essential services, create and retain jobs and make Montgomery County a better place to work and live. In Jim's 10 years of service to county government, Jim has used his unique ability to understand government finance and government processes to help us move forward. He also has a strong interest in seeing that citizens' voices are heard and that problems experienced by our citizens get solved.

Jim and I have worked hard during our time on economic development. Jim has supported MCED, Ivy Tech, tax abatement, the Nucor Road sanitary and water project, and other pro-growth policies. Jim has lived and worked in our community and he understands how hard it is to raise a family and provide for his family during these difficult times. In addition to serving our county government, Jim has often held two other jobs so that his daughters could attend college. When we talk about job retention and job creation, Jim wants all of our citizens to have the opportunity to provide for their families as well.

Jim also understands that only by growing our tax base will we effectively lower the property tax burden on families, farmers and business. In order to do this, we must continue to make Montgomery County a place where people want to do business. Jim has shown great leadership in this area, but we have a lot of work to do. Jim has a vision for how we can make that happen for all of us and with his re-election, he and I will continue to work hard to make things better for all of us.

I have known Jim since he was growing up in Wingate a long time ago. I coached him in coach pitch with my son, Jason. So we have a long history together. I consider it an honor to serve with him as a county commissioner. The voters have elected Jim three times to serve them and I hope you will support Jim on May 6 so he and I can continue to accomplish good things for our community.

Phillip Bane