Dear Editor,
In the past 2 years, over 1600 signatures, mostly of folks in rural Montgomery County have signed a petition expressing that they do not wish to be in the midst of an industrial wind turbine (IWT) facility. Yet, in the past 2 years, few people in the towns have said much, particularly in Crawfordsville. It seems the biggest proponents for IWTs are those whom reside in Crawfordsville. After all, with the higher density of population in city limits, there is more electricity consumed there. So, I encourage the folks that live in town, to ask your city council to bring IWTs into the town, close to the consumers! There is lots of greenspaces . . . Milligan Park, the new Pike Place Park, Elston Park (very close to CLEP), there is also ample space in the Crawfordsville Municipal Golf Course and the Crawfordsville Country Club, as well as the industrial park by Ivy Tech. What better way to bring green energy right close to the consumers than to place IWTs right in the middle of town. They can reach to 1000ft into the air, so would be well above any close by buildings. If they cannot place then in town, please insist on understanding why they will not do so.
April Johnson,