Dear Editor:

I have to say that I agreed with most everything Tim Timmons said in his "Two Cents Worth" column recently. Most taxpayers are very weary of arrogant politicians like Commissioners Phil Bane and Jim Fulwider. The press conference that did not include local media is true to form for these types of leaders. County residents pay their salary but they are too important to speak to us. Well - in the 2016 election the candidates who raised money the right way, such as John Pickerill in the primary election, and those who actually care about freedom just might win. Even though some politicians do not believe it, following party platforms, whether Democrat or Republican, does matter to the voters. Bane and others like him might take note that the taxpayers are waking up. A sleeping giant is slow to awake but when it awakes it can be mighty.

That arrogance and complete insensitivity to the voters is the reason for the split in the Republican Party - locally and nationally. We have the 'establishment' that appears to be interested in spending money, money, money and ensuring their re-election. Then we have Republicans who believe in the conservative platform of the Republican Party.

Commissioner Terry Hockersmith is right to insist on spending money on security at the Montgomery County courthouse. Timmons wrote an eloquent paragraph about a courthouse full of emotions and the importance of preserving the security of people who work there and the visitors.

Kudos to Timmons!

For my two-cents worth: It appears that some of our elected officials sit around and daydream about frivolous items to spend the taxpayers' money on instead of putting themselves in the shoes of the average taxpayer. In my opinion more jobs could be created by removing some restrictions from employers that might not be as important as allowing the employer to provide a few more jobs. There are many ways to spend the tax income that would benefit the County if only Commissioners Bane and Fulwider would study the needs of the County instead of trying to implement their pipedreams.

At the candidate's forum Fulwider sort of hedged about his belief concerning county zoning, he did state that it had been discussed ad nauseam for years and it is a dead issue. I take offense at his belief that everyone is gullible enough to believe that it is a dead issue. For reasons unknown to me, some politicians believe this is one great idea. If a person takes the time to talk to people in counties where this zoning has been passed, they will find that the majority of residents do not like it. Countywide zoning has restricted landowners in their use of their land as they want to and gives the government too much power to dictate to property owners. In other words, freedom lost is very hard to get back.

Ann Harvey