To the Editor,

I was chosen from many elderly to express our views on the change of format of the local radio station.

Since 2004 the Oldies WCVL was playing from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Howdy Bell had arranged it.

Now all that is on that station in wild music that only younger people enjoy and most of them are at work or school.

And then to add to that Dick Munro was let go and he was what was enjoyed in giving weather, local news and in the wintertime schools would call him and he would announce the delays. No one else does that or would do it now.

The Oldies were enjoyed all day long when the elderly lived alone. Now the silence is deafening.

There isn't any other stations that plays the type of music we enjoy - AM or FM.

The youngest one I am writing for is 78 and most of the others are over 80.

Another great thing Dick did was have the Community Focus.