Dear Editor,
Hello, my name is April Johnson. With this letter to you, the citizens of Montgomery County, I am announcing my primary candidacy for the position of Commissioner. It is an honor to have an opportunity to run for elected office in our county and I eagerly anticipate working for you, my constituents, in practical and common-sense ways.
In my view, the May 5 primary election is the first of a two-step interview process where I intend to win your vote.
My husband and I have been long-time residents of Montgomery County where we have raised our children and started and own a seed research business. I grew up on a small dairy farm and earned a graduate degree in Agriculture. I started working at 14 years old in the corn fields and sold books door-to-door to pay for all my college expenses. Through this, I understood early-on what it meant to be fiscally responsible, and I expect to be equally responsible with your tax money.
The County Council establishes a budget for the County, as well as funds for Commissioner projects. I believe, just as any family needs to live within its established budget, so must the Commissioners. Variances and shortfalls must be explained and resolved with the Council in a timely and respectful way.
Considering the current political climate, I look forward to the opportunity to work with the other County Commissioners and County Council members. It is always best for the community when those chosen by The People, work together in a spirit of cooperation for The People.
The County has established a great group of department heads with which to work and solve problems. I look forward to collaboration and improvement of Montgomery County roads, for example. A recent study by TRIP, a national nonprofit that analyzes transportation issues, estimated poorly maintained roads costs motorists approximately $648 per vehicle per year. With attention to where repairs are most needed can indirectly help you, the taxpayer, in tangible ways.
Working within the role and limits of Commissioner, I promise to strive for the best outcomes possible while working alongside you, the residents, leaders, and businesses of Montgomery County.
Again, “thank you” for the honor and privilege to put my name on the ballot for County Commissioner!
Feel free to contact me at Citizens for April Johnson on Facebook.
April Johnson