After looking at the ballots for this year's primary election, it is clear who I'm going to vote for.
I am going to support April Johnson for Commissioner. I have listened to her speak at the Commissioner and Council meetings for the last few years, and it is obvious that she is strong advocate for all of the citizens of this county. She is not afraid to speak up on thier behalf, and does so with a servant's heart. These qualities are what we will need to help lead our county through the uncertain and most likely lean times ahead.
In the Council race, I will be supporting Gary Booth, John Hedrick and David Hunt.
Gary Booth has proven himself time and time again to be one of the hardest working Councilmen I've had the pleasure of working with. He is a team player who has used wisdom and strategy to help balance our county's budgets. I know that he will be a rational voice in what will probably be some pretty tense fiscal plans as the county recovers from the pandemic.
After getting to know John Hedrick I think he will be a great advocate for the citizens of Montgomery County as we create sound fiscal policies for the years ahead. As a successful local farmer and small business owner he has many years' worth of experience doing this already.
David Hunt has a long history of public service. I have always appreciated his fiscally conservative approach in his past service as a Coroner. He handled that difficult job with a respectful attitude and only asked for additional funding in the direst of circumstances.
Please join me in supporting these fiscally responsible candidates. Your pocketbook with thank you for it in a couple of years.
Terry Hockersmith