Dear Editor,
In response to the presidential election regardless of the final result I have decided to do something very foolish in the eyes of the world.
I have decided that no matter what happens I will only acknowledge Donald Trump as our president and I will not acknowledge Joe Biden as our president.
Here is my reason.
I have looked at the evidence and have determined that big tech and big media and big pollsters have coordinated with the Democratic Party to try to install Joe Biden as our president.
For four years big media has been reporting 93% negative in regard to the activity of President Trump.
Big tech has been contributing financially to the Democratic Party 94% and have been modifying Internet technology to manipulate information in order to favor Joe Biden and to discriminate against President Trump
Big pollsters have been intentionally manipulating the polls to discourage support of President Trump.
In spite of all of this concentrated effort to determine the fate of this election they failed but they had one additional strategy and that was to cheat through various means of unprecedented and massive game changing voter fraud.
This is an unequivocal fact.
Therefore for the next four years I will consider Donald Trump our president whether he is in the White House or whether he is in exile as it were.
I will regard Joe Biden or Kamala Harris which ever may be in charge as usurpers and imposters.
I will continue to pray for my country and be a good citizen but I will not participate in or acknowledge the fraud.
Father Alex Miller
Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church