Dear Editor,
Those who have criticized me for taking sides in politics will be happy to read today’s editorial. The Republicans AND the Democrats have betrayed America.
A valiant attempt to expose the false election was squashed by the “false flag” of January 6. And both sides capitulated. False Flag is a term for a military tactic whereby the enemy dresses up like the other side and then commits horrible acts to discredit the opposition. It worked perfectly and now the country is on the brink of a progressive takeover or civil war.
The mainstream media has become the state-run media and together with “the party” and Big Tech, they have lodged a full-fledged assault on Trump and the millions of Americans who voted for him. Mitch McConnell called the Antifa-inspired false flag event a “failed insurrection from the unhinged crowd” totally discounting the legitimate concerns of the hundreds of thousands of peaceful, patriotic and largely Christian Americans who had gathered in the nation’s capitol.
Establishment Republicans are throwing Trump and all of us under the bus and the Democrats with the help of Big Tech and the media are piling on.
Twitter has taken down the accounts of Trump, Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell and so the attack on free speech begins. (The Journal Review has not printed any of my editorials since Nov. 20).
No one could be happier about all these events including the election than the leaders of the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) who have actively participated in them and are looking forward to a world without Trump. Many of the people closest to the President have abandoned him.
What should we do?
Stay loyal to the President.
Start a third party and simply name it “The American Party.”
Let us commit our lives more deeply to Jesus Christ and His Church. This means being a committed member of a local faith community that has not given in to political correctness and modern morality. It means having a regular daily rule of prayer and scripture reading. It means keeping the Commandments and practicing charity to one’s neighbors.
If you are single remain chaste, if you are married be faithful. Homeschool your children or if they are in the public school system, get involved and try to prevent your children from being indoctrinated into an atheistic and socialist way of thinking.
Speak the truth in love and don’t give in to hate and anger. Be kind to those who disagree with you. As Christ commanded, “love your enemies.”
Things are changing quickly. Pray for America!
Father Alex Miller
Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church