Dear Editor,
Thank you to all who helped make our 2019 Sugar Creek Township Neighborhood Gathering a success. We would like to thank all who donated to this event including Darlington Vet Clinic, Halderman Farm Services, HHSB Bank, Stookey’s Restaurant, Visible Changes Hair Salon, , and Woody Family Farms. We would also like to thank the Darlington Conservation Club for the use of the facility, Sarah Storms for creating the flier, John “Butch” Dale for gathering up and loaning old pictures from the Darlington Library, The Journal Review and The Paper of Montgomery Co for printing the announcement of our event, and the local radio station for promoting it. We appreciate everyone who attended, and anyone who helped in any way. Thanks again!
Gayle and Deb Lough
Mike and Peggy Whitacre
Chuck Anderson
John Gable