I read with amusement Michael Fons' letter on May 14. In it he concocted quite an elaborate conspiracy theory where the Tea Party, Rick DeWitt, and I are using Bob Maxwell as a front-man to run an Amish-Mexico vegetable-trafficking cartel to undercut the prices and sell pesticide-covered produce here at a local farmers market, and using this scheme to make well-orchestrated efforts to interject discord into county public meetings just for our own sinister enjoyment.

After you've had a good laugh reading his letter, I thought you might be curious about what was actually discussed at Monday's County Commissioners meeting about the farmers market. I had never met Mr. Maxwell before, but it appeared to me he was merely requesting the commissioners let him use the courthouse parking lot so that he could re-establish another farmers market there, as an alternative to the Pike Street market. He just wanted to be free to sell his produce at his own price. He, and eight or ten other people that feel the same way, want to be able to have a farmers market that isn't bullied by an overbearing "market-master" demanding merchants sell at the market-masters' dictated price. In other words, Mr. Maxwell and several others merely want to sell their goods in a free market, at a price that is mutually agreeable between the buyer and the seller.

To some, I guess the idea of people coming together on a sunny morning, interacting freely among themselves, in a setting that's free from government intrusion, is akin to high crimes.

John Pickerill