Dear Editor,

I read the letter by Richard De Witt with great interest and total agreement. I would like to take his concern one step further and apply it to a perfect example in Montgomery County.

Our elected Montgomery County officials had a feeling that they wanted to give a raise to county employees. The officials consulted their own county financial counselors, who told the elected county officials that Montgomery County did not have the money. So, the elected officials voted to give each employee a one-time $1000 bonus in 2014, against the advice of their own financial counselors. When the citizens did not question that decision, the elected officials then changed the bonus to a $1000 raise in 2014 and every year thereafter, plus the additional expenses this would involve in taxes and benefits, against the advice of their own financial counselors.

Where are the principles? Where is the common sense? Where is the accountability? Where is the backbone?

Let's pay attention.

Mike Webster