Dear Editor
There's been much press from the Commissioners on the collaboration between the citizens and elected officials to arrive at a Comprehensive Plan. Certainly, there is much to be gained when elected officials actively seek the opinions of their constituents on matters that affect the County.
Probably the most significant issue, one that will have greater impact than a Comprehensive Plan and the one that will change the County for generations, is that of industrial wind turbines. It follows then, that this issue deserves the same or a greater scrutiny, review and citizen collaboration than the Comprehensive Plan.
Apex / Roaming Bison has resubmitted their Economic Development Agreement, Decommissioning Agreement and Road Use Agreement to the Commissioners for review and approval.
It's time those plans are shared with the residents for their review and comment as part of the approval process. It's also time for the Commissioners to ensure that our County Council are actively engaged and represented in this review. The potential financial impact to the County and taxpayers is too material for this process to be performed in a vacuum.
Thomas Knueven,