Dear Editor,
After attending the public meeting on Monday 12/10 at NMHS concerning the proposed planning & zoning plan for Montgomery County, it occurred to me just how a few hand selected people can drastically alter or dictate everyone else’s lives.
This hand picked committee of 26 people chosen to represent all of Montgomery County, to my understanding, was selected by Commissioner John Frey. Five or more of those people are outspoken advocates for zoning and one, who doesn’t even live in this county, is making decisions for you and what you can/cannot do with your life. There may be a few committee members that have stated in the past that they aren’t in favor of planning & zoning but I feel that there is a flaw in this hand picked system and here’s a solution to that flaw.
Have a committee made up of elected officials from each town AND each township. These are the people who are elected by the people to best represent Montgomery County as a whole, not just the wants and values of a select few.
Also, I will give praise to Chris Hamm for professionally presenting a clear plan for the public, however, I was taken back that he kept stating “this is your (the county’s) plan”. It’s very hard to call it “our plan” when only 3% of the county’s population responded to surveys & meetings. There can be no blame on Chris Hamm or those consultants hired to gather information and formulate the plan. We, the people of Montgomery County, are to blame. We can no longer sit back and be blissfully ignorant or not care about what happens in our county. Speak up! Show up! Be active and take control of YOUR future or someone else will.
Respectfully submitted,
Kimbra Lough