Dear Editor,
After attending multiple presentations on the comprehensive plan, I feel it isn’t a clear representation of the county’s vison. While most of the presentation I agree with and support, this plan made it sound like Montgomery County overwhelmingly opposes wind energy. This simply isn’t true – a lot of people like wind energy.
Wind energy would be a big asset to Montgomery County and stimulate a lot of growth. I’ve seen it bring a dying community back to life. My concern is that there are a number of supporters out there that have not provided their feedback on this plan. The population of Montgomery County is roughly 35,000, and this plan is built around the feedback of less than 1 percent of those residents. That is a very small percentage of our county to rely on to represent the “will of the people.” Fortunately, there is still an opportunity to provide feedback before the plan is submitted for approval.
I encourage you to visit the website that the county has designated for this process and let them know you support wind energy development in the county. Feedback is compiled in an anonymous nature that will contribute to the outcome of the plan, but without fear of retaliation for expressing your opinion. Please visit the comprehensive plan website at and make your voice heard!
We only have until Friday the 21st to submit feedback, so don’t wait! Thank you.
Darren Heeke,