Dear Editor,
Oh you sweet summer child! You are so confused that my heart literally hurts for you. Allow me to help you out as well as clear up a couple of information issues.
You are from Spearville, Kansas. We all know this because you proudly state it whenever possible. Spearville is that magical place that is wholly unpopulated by people (2017 states 807 total population) but overwhelmed by wind turbines. Your father is / was the actual mayor of beloved Spearville. You travel around the country, most notably to actual Wind Farm potential areas. I cannot say that you are a paid employee of Apex Clean Energy, but it sure wouldn’t surprise anyone. In fact, a quick search shows you have lived in at least 24 locations in 4 parts of Kansas, 4 parts of Georgia, and 1 area of Virginia. That’s just your registered addresses though. The reason Indiana isn’t showing up on that list is because you are neither a property owner or renter in Montgomery County. As for possible jobs you are currently holding, I’m not actually aware if you are even paying taxes to our county….but that’s neither here or there when stating facts regarding Wind Energy or Ted Hartke right?
So, let’s get onto the factual information on this past weekends event speaker, Mr. Ted Hartke.
His Biography online lists the following:
1999 Civil Engineering Graduate of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois; 2004 licensed as Illinois Professional Land Surveyor; 2005 licensed as Illinois Professional Engineer; 2011 licensed as Illinois Professional Design Firm (President of Hartke Engineering and Surveying).
The Hartke’s purchased their home in 2006. Invenergy constructed the wind farm in 2012 with operations starting in 2013. They abandoned their home on December 21, 2013 (5 days before Christmas) for a double wide trailer. They sold their abandoned home in September of 2016 for $363,000. The new owners moved in during November 2016 and moved out in April 2017. The house went on the market in June of 2017 and sold in April of 2018 for $262,000.
All of the above is public information.
Now, let’s go ahead and educate you on why No Wind Farms Montgomery County, LLC sponsored an event for Ted Hartke to come to our county and educate the public. First and foremost, I should let the public know how much money ol’ Ted charges for such speaking engagements. Please keep in mind, traveling costs etc. Are y’all sitting down? It’s $0! He refused gas money and hotel expenses (if he chose to spend the night). Neither his firm nor his family were compensated in any way.
The No Wind group decided to bring educational speaker Ted Hartke to our area to get the real information we need to know. Apex Clean Energy and Akuo Energy have spent so much time and money lobbying our community but zero time or money educating the public. They held selective event forums at Hidden Hollow for our prominent county figures, paid for and took our own Leadership Academy on a private bus tour of their Hoopeston Illinois wind project (the same project that Apex left $2.4 million dollars of unpaid contractor fees to have liens issued against all lease signed farmers). And most recently, held a private realtor conference for our realtors in the Montgomery County area. Should I mention the amount of money poured into our small towns to make sure they did not enact the 4 mile health and safety ordinance? Perhaps I should leave that for another time. Darren, I don’t know you personally, but this is our county and our lives that are affected. I’m not going to argue with you about a man who came to our county on his own free will to educate us of the horrors of 600’ tall Industrial Wind Farms. You are on the Wind “Train”. We get it. What you don’t get, is that all 2,000 + of us that you claim is a minority, will not stop. “Let’s show him how smart Montgomery County is.” Shame on you for insinuating that anyone wanting to educate themselves isn’t “smart”.
Tracy Slavens