Dear Editor,
What country owns the wind lease you are signing?
In 2017, Indiana Farm Bureau expressed concern that almost 30,000,000 acres of U.S farmland is owned or leased with a significant portion being used for industrial wind turbine (IWT) leases.
Investors come from China, France, Italy, Portugal, Venezuela, Germany, Greece, Saudia Arabia, Netherlands, and Spain. In January 15, 2019, Akuo (has signed leases for industrial wind turbines in Montgomery County) sold 2 of its 3 US based wind farms to an Arab company.
When foreign countries buy or hold long term land leases for IWT for 20, 30 and 40 years. We are never going to get that farm land back. The will maintain control over it indefinitely.
In 1987 in the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act was passed to monitor foreign investments in U.S. farmland. Foreign companies are required to complete reports and self-submit FSA-153 disclosure forms. But all information is not verified. Approximately one-million acres aren’t listed what country the companies are located in. Three hundred thousand acres are listed as not knowing the name of the land owners. Because the FSA-153 disclosure form they filled out, are limited to 3 levels of ownership and is not always accurate (Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting 2017).
So, if the federal government doesn’t know who the foreign buyers and lease holders are, who are you doing business with?
Foreign owned wind companies are filling long term leases on a large number of acres. Actual acres used by the IWT companies are very few, but they have exclusive easements on over and under and all across all of the lease holders’ properties! (Invenery Lease 2015)
Some newer wind leases have automatic renewable leases that can’t be cancelled by the land owners at any time.
IN 2017 the National Food Security Act was written (S. 616) to protect U.S food security in years to come. Ensuring American’s crops, livestock and agribusiness remains under domestic control. (Supported by American Farm Bureau, the National Farmer’s Union.)
Land owners for several years have been leasing cropland to IWT farm companies. Concerns are now being voiced at local, state and federal government levels.
There are fears that foreign countries could drive up the price of food and force out the American Farmer. Once land is owned by foreign countries, America might not be able to secure that land again. (Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting 2017)
The more control foreign interests have on U.S. farmland the less control we have. How many acres have now been signed away to foreign companies in your county, state, and throughout the whole United States?
Linda K. Schoen,