Dear Editor,
Family farms started decades, even centuries ago, operating through many generations. These farms still exist today because so much care went into the land and environment in order to have the productive farms we have today.
Farmers live where they work, eat what they produce, value clean air, water and land for themselves, their families and communities.
Farmers have always worked on ways to improve production and protect and improve soil health in order to pass on future farmer’s productive land. Farmland is critical infrastructure like roads and bridges. “Without farms, there is not only no food, but there is no future. We need farmland to feed us and sustain our community, but also to help restore our planet” (America Farmland trust, Indiana News 2018).
How are current land owners protecting the land for future generations? They aren’t. It is being sliced and diced by gravel roads, underground cables, 300-700ft or larger industrial wind turbines installed across the once productive farm ground. No thought given to the drainage ditches and flattened drain tiles in fields. Now excess water lowers production and contaminate water sheds and creeks.
The plentiful wildlife we have all enjoyed will not stay around. Al local and migrating wildlife will have to run the gauntlet of whirling 200ft long spinning blades. The eagles we all enjoy seeing in our country will become shredded wheat, along with Sandhill cranes, Canadian geese, hawks, owls, barn swallows, humming birds, especially loons and other flocks migrating at night.
With the destruction of birds, bats and bees, the pollination of all food and forage crops will decline. The once plentiful food we have had will become less abundant and more expensive.
The future of productive family farms has been sold or leased to foreign owned industrial wind farms. They have arrived in our country promising everything like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
If lease signers had done any real research, about health and safety, to people, domestic and wild animals, it would give pause to perspective signers. In addition, current and past business history of industrial wind farm companies includes many lawsuits that follow the companies. I don’t think farmers would be so eager to sign a lease.
Industrial wind leases can be cancelled at any time by the company. Those payments you were counting on, may not show up, if the company goes bankrupt, is re-sold, or leaves the country. There isn’t any guarantee on those pieces of paper that you will get the money, nor adequate funds set aside to remove the turbines.
So, after selling out your family, past and present, neighbors, friends and towns and communities. How much did you really make after taxes?
Linda K Schoen,