Dear Editor,
Jefferson said that he would rather be exposed to the inconveniences of too much liberty than the inconveniences of having too little. There are many ways to kill or defend yourself, or anyone else. You might get your gun and call the police if an unlucky intruder finds his way into your line of fire. For others, they might just install some security system, get a dog, and hope for the best. For those that decide to arm themselves, and keep their weapon in a safe place, they might sleep just a bit easier than those who are not and must put their hopes in a timely police arrival or the after life. All US citizens are guaranteed this "right" but only when the law is followed.
The Indiana red flag law is a violation of this 2nd Amendment "guarantee". The 2nd Amendment illustrates the "right" that "guarantees" as an "uninfringeable right" the people, to keep and bear arms. The red flag law allows for police that believe someone is dangerous, to seize your guns without due process, initially, based on an opinion, or perception, "professional", or not.
Perceptions, perceptions of motivations, memory, pretty much anything related to our human senses and memory is unreliable, anyway. Curtis Hill and others in government are pushing potentially well intentioned, but mind bending policy. The disarming of law abiding citizens, goes beyond the red flag law and becomes expensive when one restores their so called uninfringeable right.
The strategy for pushing an almost complete dependence on the state for protection, is a modern tragedy in the making, disarming a vast number of (mostly white) Hoosiers. Its result thwarts gun owners from seeking therapy that they otherwise would have no reason to avoid and worse, empowers the government past the limits the founders guaranteed and warned of in the Constitution.
Granted, the police are probably better at seeing into the future than the various quacks who can convince a court that they can see into the future, but in reality, the system is delusional for believing it can, and should disarm itself, as this law is dangerous. The problem is that it is a slippery slope and perception of dangerousness is not the same for anyone; thus, it is arbitrary and is abused as any other arbitrary law is.
This document, the Constitution, that all the elected and all the appointed who serve in the various uniforms, military, judicial, all others, are sworn to uphold, is the only license one needs in the country, if the courts uphold their oath to protect the natural rights as US citizens and for US citizens.
Adam Hutchison,