Dear Editor,

After reading, the MCED director's response to the GOP chair and applying a little common sense, I realize that the director is directly in support of the chairman's main point.

She describes the inevitably collected taxes as a 'pool of money.' She also describes this pool, which she states we have been paying into for a long time, as a ' federal funding pie.' She expresses her keen desire to use every means available to get a $99,000 piece of that pie for loans to others. One thing the director failed to mention is that in that small sliver of a slice of the pie is an ingredient called "money painfully extracted from the earned wages of the most disagreeable Mike Webster." (Mike actually believes that that is his money)

In the Crawfordsville area phonebook, there are over thirty five listings for banks that are in the business of lending money. A point of distinction is that pool of money is the bank's and not one confiscated from me and my co-laborers. These banks employ folks that are trained in their profession, not a board from the community, making financial decisions. Common sense comes into play here, asking, as they use my money, why we need someone else doing banking business, using criteria such as how many employees a business will add instead of will the business make money, and why they get to select the businesses that are being (using the director's word) awarded my money.

We must understand two facts. We are $16 trillion in debt. We are spending over $1 trillion a year more than we are extracting from our citizens. Seems like we all agree that the pot is too big and it has been there for to long and that too many folks are always going to try to get their piece as long as it is available. I suggest that we all act in a responsible manner with common sense, to search out folks that will actively work toward lower taxes, leaner government, and constitutionally controlled expenses. Get behind the ones you find practicing this and keep pushing them. Being right is not enough. Get active. 


Michael Webster