Some may ask what IWT can do for the future of Montgomery County? For that I will go north to Benton County Indiana.
Benton County, with a sparse population of only 8700 people with only 21 inhabitants per square mile has a great number of Industrial wind turbines,
I have been through there frequently before the industrial wind turbines came and after. I have seen the shadow flicker on the land and have heard the sound from the turbines that you can also feel in your body as some sort of odd percussion. I have read the stories of private wells ruined. It’s devastating stuff.
Many of the residents there did not want IWTs there either. However by the time many of the residents found out they were planned; it was too late to do much about it.
After all this, little has changed in Benton county, population continues to decline, there is still very little industry, not many restaurants or even gas stations. I have not seen the great renaissance promised to Benton county residents, just a bleak landscape. People continue to leave Benton County, no one is flocking there.
To ruin people’s views would be sad. To ruin people’s quiet would be regrettable. To ruin people’s property values would be immoral. To ruin people’s health would be criminal.
Montgomery County is doing its part in using renewable energy. There are solar parks springing up everywhere. The great part about solar is it is a quiet neighbor, requires little maintenance or oil changes that require 300 to 400 gallons of oil each (that’s gallons not quarts), doesn’t tend to kill birds or animals, doesn’t threaten the groundwater. Most importantly there are no issues with casting flickering shadows or infrasound.
Montgomery County has a proud past and a promising future WITHOUT Industrial wind turbines, we must preserve and protect this great county . . . This Treasure.
Michael Howell