Dear Editor,
Recently, I read an article in The Paper which put Spearville, Kansas in the news again. Spearville is located in Western Kansas where resources financially were limited. According to Mr. Heeke the wind energy companies have been great financially for the Spearville community. I don’t doubt it. I have never been to Spearville but have traveled close to the town. I have traveled most of Kansas harvesting or looking for work. Mr. Heeke seems very excited for his hometown and would like us to want the wind turbines. He is trying so hard to impress us to accept the turbines I am beginning to feel he is associated with the wind energy companies.
I do feel I understand Mr. Heeke’s excitement. I know it’s hard when you are short financially. Several years ago I harvested near Walsh, Colorado, a small one-block business district, down the road a piece from Spearville. Down the road a piece, a western term meaning 150 miles. Walsh, like Spearville, was short on finances. The county was windy and susty and the roads were dusty to travel making it tricky when meeting and passing a car or truck. They were roads anyone needs to get used to. However I enjoyed the people and the western attitude. I feel it’s not unfair to compare Walsh community with the Spearville community.
Mr. Heeke mentioned many improvements were made in the Spearville community because of the wind energy donations. I am sure things were better. I am happy for them.
Now I must say. Our North Unit and all of Montgomery have had the items you mentioned for years. The North Unit has three elementary schools, a community school and a high school with all the facilities for the activities. There are grocery stores, a theater, churches and more close by. Rainfall for the green grass and agriculture. All this and more without donations from the wind energy companies. When I was in South Dakota, a farmer asked, where are you from. I said Indiana, he said, “Oh, picture country.” Our country picture would sure change if we accept the turbines.
Turbines, not to be forgotten, by now is the time to focus on compassion and concern for our neighbors and friends and wish them well whoever they are or where they live and carry this out throughout the year.
Bill Reed,