Dear Editor,
Montgomery County had 2 candidates running for county commissioner and 2 candidates running for county council. All four candidates were very specifically against industrial wind turbines and in favor of acting to keep them out of the county. All four candidates for election were clear regarding their stand on wind turbines, and each intended to represent their constituents against wind turbines. (I thank each one of your for that.) Yet, Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce has rolled out the red carpet for APEX (Roaming Bison), a wind turbine company. It seems that the Chamber of Commerce has missed the fact that there are many businesses in the country that they have not rolled out the red carpet for. The Chamber of Commerce has also failed to consider that the over 1600 adults of the Montgomery County have signed a petition to make their voice heard and that they do not desire to have an industrial wind turbine plant in our county. Many families have spoken that they will leave the community if industrial wind turbines come… with that goes families who shop locally and their small businesses. The elected government officials have spoken against having an industrial wind plant in the county, so why is the Chamber in direct conflict with the elected officials? Chamber, please listen to the People of Montgomery County.
April Johnson