Do you want health care choices in Indiana?

Indiana has state legislation that would do that but it needs your action or it will not become law.

Senate Bill 230 must be passed but the Senate Leader David Long is refusing to allow it a chance.

Over the last three years, 12 senators sponsored similar bills to nullify Obamacare. In 2012 a bill to nullify Obamacare passed the Indiana Senate, but was never signed into law.

To date, over 10,000 people have petitioned to get this bill approved in Indiana.

Other states have similar bills currently in their state legislation process.

All this, yet Senator Long still refuses to give the current bill a hearing.

You can make a difference!

Contact your State Senator and Senator David Long immediately to urge SB 230 be allowed a hearing.

Call 1-800-382-9467.

Contact Your State Senator at

Contact Sen. David Long at

Information may be found on the General Assembly's website:

Kathy Crawford