The positivity continues.

Maybe Webster wouldn't recognize the word, but whatever it is, good things are happening on the economic front in Crawfordsville and Montgomery County.

The latest news off our front page today is that Deanna Durrett is going to work at Montgomery County Economic Development through the end of the year with the new title of Director of Public Relations.

It is fair to say that Mrs. Durrett stirred up some controversy during her ill-fated run for a county commissioner seat. But it is also more fair to say that her talents, qualifications and contacts make her a good choice to step in and help right away. Why? It's no big secret that Durrett had some good outside help during her campaign. She is also known to be networked and well connected beyond this county's borders. Those same contacts can be invaluable now.

In addition, since former E.D. Bill Henderson's departure, there's no one running the department on a full-time basis. To be sure, there is outstanding talent at the board level, but almost all of those people have full-time occupations that take their time and talents elsewhere. To have Durrett solely concentrating on helping promote the brand that is Crawfordsville and Montgomery County is nothing but a positive.