Today is Christmas Eve and we at the little Paper that could wish you and all of our readers and customers a most blessed and merry Christmas.

We also wish you more than that. We wish that life, especially your life here in our little corner of God’s Country, will be full and bright on this joyous holiday – free from heartache and pain.

We so very much wish that this could be so.

Alas, it is not. There are those who have more pain than they can bear. There are those who suffer with medical conditions that no amount of kindness will change. There are those who bear the heartache of loved ones lost and will have to wait on time for the hurt to lessen. There are those who have made terrible choices and are paying the price. Good tidings won’t help them very much right now either.

Fortunately, for most of us the next few days will be filled with friends, family, faith and joyous times. This is as it should be.

So here’s hoping that we all pause to reflect on how lucky we are. And perhaps, if the spirit strikes, we can do something during the holidays to touch those who aren’t quite as blessed. Maybe we can put a little extra in the plate at church? Perhaps a donation to MUFFY, an organization that gives so much to so many? Maybe a visit to someone in need of human decency and contact? There are many ways to give and each one is as deeply personal as can be.

It’s Christmastime in our little corner of God’s Country. God bless everyone – and especially those who celebrate it in meaningful ways.