Not long ago on this page, The Paper said that regardless of winners and losers, this election was going to be an interesting one in Montgomery County.

This morning, we feel no different.

The Republican Primary bore witness to a great deal of Democratic involvement as some prominent Democrats crossed party lines to support Republicans. Of course Montgomery County has a history of Democrats crossing over and doing well in elections.

In addition, the Tea Party stirred the pot with a number of people winning.

A large number of people said to be associated with the Tea Party ran for Precinct Committeemen and delegates to the Republican State Convention.

How that will play out in terms of the local control of the Republican Party remains to be seen. But it's fair to say that any number of prominent local politicians could end up replacing current local GOP chair Scott Molin. From Mayor Todd Barton to Sen. Phil Boots, to current party officer Suanne Milligan to Commissioner Terry Hockersmith and others, the outcome will be anything but dull.

The Primary is over. Now the real races begin.