Photo providedRR Donnelley in 1929.
Photo provided

RR Donnelley in 1929.
Excerpts from "The Athens of Indiana" - An anthology to Crawfordsville/Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce - 1929

R.R. Donnelley & Sons company was described in 1929 as one of the finest equipped printing plants in the United States, employing a total of 485 men and women, and printing a complete line of work including telephone directories, magazines, pamphlets, industrial forms, booklets and books. High grade multi-color printing and fine book binding was also done in this plant. The Company had an expansion program calling for a plant five times the size of the above building. (E.g. South Plant). The description boasted about the fact that every employee was a high school graduate and that working conditions were "unexcelled."

Originating in 1901 the Poston Paving Brick Company was a thriving industry in Crawfordsville. The manufacture of paving bricks in this plant changed its production to include face brick in 1904 and for a number of years face brick of high quality from the famous Crawfordsville shale had been its exclusive product. The company prided itself on the fact that more than fifty tones and gradations of rich, natural colors could be obtained with the Poston, Arcadian and Oriental bricks. With their use it was possible to simulate the appearance of practically every permanent building material, at the same time retaining the tapestry like color peculiar to those face brick. This plant employed sixty men, and about one fourth of its production was shipped to a Chicago market. The balance was being distributed over the entire country. In 1929 The Oriental was still being manufactured by the company and was the first textured brick ever manufactured in the United States.