The Paper photo by Lori Poteet 
Maddy Hurt broke the school record with a time of 5:19 in the 1600 meter run. The record has stood since 1995.
The Paper photo by Lori Poteet
Maddy Hurt broke the school record with a time of 5:19 in the 1600 meter run. The record has stood since 1995.

The three Montgomery County track & field teams along with North Putnam, Tri-County and Lebanon clashed at the Athenian Relays Thursday night. Here are the winners from each event:

Event                                                    Winner

Boys Discus                                         Tri-County 228'

                                                                Cook, Sterns

Boys High Jump                                Tri County 11'4"

                                                                Ewen, Cook

Boys Long Jump                                North Montgomery 37'6"

                                                                Surface, Harmon

Boys Shot Put                                    North Montgomery 79'7.25"

                                                                Banta, Cain

Boys Pole Vault                                 North Montgomery 20'

                                                                Miller, Harpel

Boys Distance Medley Relay       Southmont 11:17

                                                                Clos, Lippencott, Lowe, Long

Boys 110 Hurdles                              Lebanon 16.1


Boys Sprint Medley Relay             North Montgomery 1:383

                                                                Dugard, Harmon,Claybomb,Surface

Boys 3200 Relay                                Southmont 8:38

                                                                Brissey, Lippencott, Clos, Long

Boys 100 M Dash                              Tri-County 11.3


Boys 1600 M Relay                           North Montgomery 3:335

                                                                Dugard, Osborne, Munro, Surface

Boys 1600 M Run                              CHS 4:41


Boys 800 M Relay                             Tri County 1:40.5

                                                                Michal, Benyon, Justice, Layton

Boys 400 M Relay                             North Putnam 44:6

                                                                Hodges, Bean, Bell, Warner

Girls Discus                                         North Montgomery 167'

                                                                Jenkins, Altman

Girls High Jump                                 Lebanon 9'

                                                                Leib, Byrd

Girls Long Jump                                Southmont 31'3'

                                                                Barrett, Burton

Girls Shot Put                                     North Putnam 62'10"

                                                                Millican, Gasho

Girls Pole Vault                                 Southmont 6'6

                                                                Barrett, Burton

Girls Distance Medley Relay        North Montgomery-14:24

                                                                Heide,Heide, Bridwell, McClerkin

Girls 100 Hurdles                              Lebanon 16.3


Girls Sprint Medley                         North Montgomery 1:58

                                                                Karle, Harpel, Lewis, McClaskey

Girls 3200 Relay                                 North Montgomery 10:59

                                                                Heide, Heide, DeLacruz, McClerkin

Girls 100 M Dash                               North Putnam 13:5


Girls 1600 M Relay                           North Montgomery 4:24

                                                                Karle, Anderson, Humphreys, McClaskey

Girls 1600 M Run                              CHS 5:19


Girls 800 M Relay                              North Montgomery 1:53.8

                                                                Karle, Humphreys, McClerkin, McClaskey

Girls 400 Relay                                   CHS 53.8

                                                                Becker, Swinford, Eufrasio, McCandless