The Paper photo by Lori Poteet 
North’s Corwyn Hall raced ahead with Owen Byers on his heels. Hall scored one of North’s six goals yesterday.
The Paper photo by Lori Poteet
North’s Corwyn Hall raced ahead with Owen Byers on his heels. Hall scored one of North’s six goals yesterday.

He bent it like Beckham.

Corwyn Hall watched as his ball bent past the goalie’s hands and hit the top right corner of the net.

This goal finalized North’s lead putting them up 3-2.

But, first . . . the beginning of the game.

How to describe the first 30 minutes of the North/South boys’ soccer game last night: chaotic.

Mounties and Chargers alike ran up and down the field as shot after shot either soared past goalies or were stopped dead in its tracks. North came out firing as they had a few potential breaks to start but each time offsides.

Jaron Wolf finally snuck by and shot a low ball past Ryan Stanley. Alec Fruits gathered momentum after a run from North’s backfield and made the score 2-0 within the first ten minutes.

However, the Mounties were fighting from the start and slowly started coming out on top as they took control of the first half in the second ten minutes. Travis Michael got the Mounties going after a cross to him from the right side. He shot into the left bottom corner for a goal.

North saw plenty of opportunities with 15 shots on goal. After a falter in momentum, Corbin Osborne had a shot on goal but it grazed the top of the rim and rocketed out-of-bounds.

For South, Camron Mason beat out five North guys for a goal only three minutes after the first and continued the momentum for South.

For the rest of the first half and into the second, South maintained this. North’s Hall pierced the goal with his cornerkick near the end of the first half but South still fought.

The fourth goal was what did them in. Jesus Giron ran up the left side of the field and took his chances. He booted it from just past midfield and it soared into South’s goal.

From here on out, North gained more possessions and tacked on two more to cement the victory.

“After it was 4-2, I think we shut down and got discouraged,” Coach Brandon Rash said.

He added that they controlled the first and some of the second half but slowly let it go from there.

Gayler Malik and Race Olinger got the assists for the two goals and Ryan Stanley had nine saves.

“The way we started was great,” Coach Mike Margeson said. “But we went into a lull at the end of the first half and into the second. Overall, we did well but still gave up more shots than I would’ve liked.”

South had 13 shots while North had a total of 31 shots. North’s Fruits had four with two goals and Osborne picked up eight with one goal.

South moves to 0-2 in the county with the North/C’ville match-up a few weeks away. South will be up next on Thursday at home against North Putnam and North will not play until next week at Rossville.