The Crawfordsville tennis team has a tradition of excellence and no one knows about that more than their new coach.

Carrie Jones, formerly Carrie Macy and Crawfordsville High School alumna, has returned to her old stomping grounds to teach the game she loves. 

“Crawfordsville has always been home to me. Even when I lived in other states, I still considered this to be home.” Jones said. “Being able to teach in the school corporation and coach at the high school is truly a dream come true.”

Aside from being able to coach in her hometown, Jones’s husband was also given the opportunity to become a pastor in the Crawfordsville Nazarene Church.

Jones grew up under the influence of her dad, Steve Macy, a beloved tennis coach at CHS who made a lasting impact on all of his players. Jones’s fondest memories took place on the tennis courts and she hopes to give her players the same experience.

“The fact that I get to continue that legacy and hopefully facilitate those types of experiences is a huge blessing.” Jones said. “The fact that it is in a role that my dad once played makes it all the more precious.”

Another influential person in her life was Anita Rupar.

“If I can even be a fraction of the coach my dad or Anita Rupar were, I would consider that to be a success.” Jones said.

Jones is a competitive person who loves to win but there are some things that matter more to her than just winning. She wants her players to focus on the experience rather than the score at the end of the day.

“I don’t remember my record from high school but I remember the trips on the bus, the jokes among teammates and the tears when Sectionals were over—those had nothing to do with the score.” Jones said. “They were what I loved about Athenian tennis—that’s what I want these boys to take away from the season.”

Jones will make her head coaching debut as Crawfordsville opens their season against Fountain Central on Aug. 16. The home meet will start at 5 p.m., at the place that is named after her father, Macy Courts.