Vladik Cegarra arrived to the United States by way of Spain 72 hours before the first day of school for Crawfordsville.
As a foreign exchange student, Cegarra has encountered his share of social barriers but he has dominated those just like the sport he loves: tennis. 
“I think things are a bit more individualized in Spain so being on a team is still something he’s still getting used to.” Athenians head coach Carrie Jones said. “That’s been a really cool thing to see though—it’s become a part of his sport and his game.”
Cegarra’s teammates were more than receptive of him, as they embraced him, even going out to team dinners on occasion. On the court, Cegarra becomes the teacher while giving his teammates tips and new approaches from time to time. Off the court, he is the student as his teammates try to show him the American way of life.
“All of his teammates have done a really good job of learning from him.” Jones said. “They will listen to a peer far more than they will listen to an adult—they really pay attention to him.”
Cegarra’s teammates will even try a friendly competition from time to time to see where they measure up to the senior.
“Vladik pushes his team and challenges them.” Jones said. “Tennis is his life and you can tell, he’s even asked me to be a manager on the girls’ team.”
High school rules state that in order for any individual to become eligible to participate in high school athletics, that individual must complete 10 practices before seeing any game time. 
Jones joked with Crawfordsville athletic director Bryce Barton towards the beginning of the season regarding his eligibility. 
“He got into the country the Friday before school started.” Jones said lightheartedly. “Got off the plane, probably still a little jet lag in class and then right to practice—where was he 10 days ago.”
“He was playing on the clay.” Barton said referencing the clay tennis courts in Spain.
Cegarra will put his 6-0 singles record on the line today as he and the Athenians travel to Danville. The event will start at 5:30 p.m.