The uniforms were different. The referees were different. The Western Boone field was wetter, but the skies were no longer filled with thunderstorms. However, the Southmont miscues were the same, Saturday, preventing the Mounties from changing the outcome of Friday’s game, halted due to inclement weather with the Stars leading 16-7.

Western Boone (3-1, SAC 1-1) defeated Southmont (2-2, SAC 1-1), 23-7, adding seven points in the remnant 8:35 of the fourth quarter, the point at which play was suspended Friday

Sporting fresh uniforms for the restart, and relying on officials on hand for the Junior Varsity game, Southmont needed twelve yards from their own 42 to extend the crucial drive. 17 hours after second down, the Mounties summarily were flagged for a false start.

“We had the right play called.” Southmont head coach Desson Hannum said. “When we do run the play, we come up five yards short.”

The error was indicative of the Southmont second half. Trailing 14-7 in a hard-fought first half against the defending Sagamore Athletic Conference champions, the Mounties offense sputtered after the break. On their first series, Southmont suffered two penalties and two sacks, the latter by Western Boone’s Bryce Coppock, trapping quarterback Hunter Chadwick in the end-zone for a safety.

“Those two points make a big difference when you are trying to come back,” acknowledged Hannum. “It changes your play calls, especially coming back today. At 14-7, maybe we can run the ball a little bit, maybe rely on our defense more. Down two possessions, we don’t have the time for those options.”

Regardless, the Southmont offense suffered in both sessions from an onslaught from the Stars linebacking corps. Coppock and his senior backer mate Zach Belcher enjoyed direct paths to the Mounties’ backfield in the third and fourth quarters.

“They gave us a different look,” said Hannum, “and that put a lot of pressure on us. We didn’t adjust.”

The Mounties, whose bright spot was 104 first half rushing yards, could only chart eleven in the second half. The total third quarter offense was a negative twelve (-12) yards. Their first of two second half first downs came at 2:09 left in the game, the result of a penalty.

“We can’t come out of a half that way,” shrugged the coach.

Southmont bottled up the Western Boone ground game most of the first half, but couldn’t corral tailback Ryan Solomon, who had scoring runs of 52 and 25 yards included in his 142 total.

Mounties tailback Kyle Nunemaker had a 52 yard first quarter gallop, and Antonio Burks scored on a 20 yard counter to tie the game at 7-7.