The Paper photo by Lori Poteet 
Zach Worm ran for 55 out of South’s 125 total rushing yards.
The Paper photo by Lori Poteet
Zach Worm ran for 55 out of South’s 125 total rushing yards.

A quick first half and a long second brought the Mounties to a winding halt against the Stars. The Stars shot away with a 39-14 win.

Both teams started off with good first drives. Western Boone’s Nathaniel Bye connected with Kaleb McCloskey for a 19 yard pass at 7:11 in the first half.

The duo has connected 31 times this season with McCloskey grabbing 112 yards this game.

South came right back with a powerful 17-play drive. Zach Worm scuttled for 15 while Jarrett Todd totaled 53 yards rushing for the drive.

The Stars targeted Farabee and South went with other options for much of the game.

“They were taking him away and making the quarterback keep the ball,” Coach Desson Hannum said.

He added that overall the runners did a much better job of protecting the ball than in previous games. The Mounties only had one fumble which they recovered while the Stars fumbled and lost two.

After Farabee ran a four-yard touchdown, the Stars responded in like kind. They had a half and half running and passing drive which Hannum said was one of their strengths.

“They are spreading you out all over the field,” he said. “They do that and they have four capable receivers.” He added that both the running back and quarterback were effective with their running.

“They’re running a lot of zone reads and it makes it real tough on a defense when they are running that type of offense because they split your defense.”

South was halted in their second drive after the recovered fumble and a sack. This put the Stars at South’s 40 with 3:50 left in the second quarter. Two passes and two runs brought them flying down to the five yard line. Bye eyed McClosky yet another time and tossed it up. McCloskey neared the back of the end zone tipped it up, bobbled it and came down with a completion and six more points.

But, while on the topic of dramatic end zone catches, Kaleb Swick snagged a 32-yard bomb from Todd in the next drive to make the score 14-20 going into the half.

The last half was a bit of a different story with the Stars getting three unanswered touchdowns, 76 rushing yards, and 124 passing yards. Their powerhouse, Logan Marsh, barreled through for a total of 65 rushing yards.

“He ran the ball hard and we needed more of that on our side,” Hannum said. “We just couldn’t get anything sustained in the second half and they were bringing a lot of pressure and we were having a tough time picking it up.”

Between Bye’s quick release and South’s inability to complete third downs, the Stars were able to gain momentum and not look back.

“Our pass protection has gotta be a little bit better when we have to throw and when it’s third and long or something like that,” Hannum said.

South had three turnovers on downs in both the third and fourth quarters. Western Boone also was struggling with South’s defense stopping them three times in the second half.

South had a total of 125 rushing yards with Worm running for 55 of those. Todd threw for 48 with some key connections. South’s offense sustained 40 yards of penalties which broke momentum and crucial times.

“We played well in spurts and had a couple stops defensively there in the second half and our offense played well in the first half,” Hannum concluded. “I think we have a lot to be encouraged about, we just got to build off that and find a way to make some more explosive plays with our offense.”

Southmont will suit up again next Friday against Crawfordsville for their second county match.