I only remember playing one game at Waynetown, but Charles Wilkinson said that the field was always in the same place.

The field was at the city park, just north of the swimming pool. It had a dirt infield like all the other fields in the county (except Waveland). The town water tower was in left field making left field pretty short. Like all the other fields, there was no fence in the outfield except a fence in front of the water tower. Charles Wilkinson recalled that the baseball field he played on in 1935 when the Gladiators won the County championship was in the same place that the Little League plays now. Charles played shortstop and was the leadoff man on that team.

Waynetown won the county championship again in 1945 as Coach Capehart once again coached the Glads to the top of the heap. According to Don Bray, one of the members of the teams, they played in the fall and defeated Alamo at Milligan Park in the championship game. He was joined on that team by Bob Powell, Max West, Oscar West, Gerald Lee Beck, Jack Walker and Eunice McCracken.

Waynetown had the distinction of being a part of the longest game ever played in the Montgomery County Baseball league. In the summer of 1967, Darlington and Waynetown hooked up in a 21-inning marathon. The starting and finishing pitchers were Steve Snelling for the Gladiators and John Groves for the Indians. Both pitchers went all the way for their respective teams and Darlington finally won 2-1. So much for putting your pitchers on a pitch count.

Next week, we'll take a look at The Wingate Spartans and their baseball history.